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There was a spark that caught our attention

It glowed bright enough to ignite our affection.

We fanned the flame with intimate conversation

As our hearts broke out in celebration.

So we began our treasured collection

Of answers to each curious question.

But there was also baggage from its conception

That we dragged along without reflection.

Then God broke through and caused a disruption

That quickly doused that flame of passion.

So we both embraced some intimate intercession

And desperately sought a safe solution.

We wondered whether this was all an illusion

Asking God to clear up the confusion.

Realizing now we must take the keys from the ignition.

No more daydreaming or anxious anticipation

For our futures are beyond recognition.

So all we can do is trust and stick to our mission.

For God knows our unique situation

And he will be there through our sanctification.

May all glory be given unto God,

Our hope and our salvation!


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