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I’m free.
Now I can see so clearly.
Not with remorse, pain or stain
But with joy, love and peace.
Thank you Lord, for you have set me free.
have replaced
and Regret.
Father, thank you.
Now I know you have healed me,
Severed those ties that tangled my mind up these past two months.
Now I see the good in what has passed and not just the bad.
Now my heart is happy almost ready to hope again that something could resurrect.
But again I’m reminded of the mission
And I get grounded back in reality.
She is not for me.
My heart Lord is yours, for you have sealed it, sealed it for thy courts above.
There to behold and worship you today, tomorrow and forever.
Thank you Lord.
Here I am, whole again.
Happy again.
Free to walk forward and face the things which I alone must face.
Thank you Jesus for walking every step of the way with me.
I wouldn’t want it ANY other way. :>)


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