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I am a fundraiser.  Not because I neccessarily chose that position voluntarily.  It just comes with the package of being in ministry and working for a non-profit.  Fundraising is not always “fun” even though “fun” is in the name. But it is rewarding and God works miracles through the process both in my heart and in those who give.  And in a recession, I will be relying on many miracles to fund Club Christ this year.  So in preperation of what will be a year of much failure and much success I have a plan.  Here are 5 things I plan to do:

1) Pray a lot

  • Many natural, normal avenues of funding are dried up so I must seek supernatural wisdom to find new untapped opportunities for partnership.  “Oh God, open up some doors!”

2) Meet more people

  • The more people I meet, the more might be blessed through the ministry.  “Jesus, please give me courage to go and to share.”

3) Give and give

  • The more I give away, the more I get back from God!  So cool, yet so counter-intuitive.  “Lord, please create in me a generous heart.”

4) Deny myself

  • Things like free time and sleep must be sacrificed for the greater good.  “Oh God, I offer my body as a living sacrifice for your glory.”

5) Get truth

  • Counteracting the media’s messages and my mind’s excuses with the truth of God is a must.  “Father, fill me with your truth to gain hope in the midst of despair.”

So if you are on your knees anytime soon and you are wondering what to pray for, remember not only me but the thousands of other missionaries around the world who are facing huge trials this year.  And if you have anyone you would like to introduce me to…  :>)


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