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You have to see it for yourself

Beyond the borders of America

You have got to go to Africa

To a place known as Burkina Faso

The second poorest nation on Earth

You must walk the red dirt roads there

You will see many mosques

And many men bowing towards Mecca

You will learn of hospitals where people don’t go to get well

They are where people go to die

And you’ll find a poor mom clutching her dying child

Unable to afford the medicine her baby needs to survive

And few children there do survive

Only one in three make to their teenage years

There in the slums of the capital city, Ougadougou

There you find kids like little O-G-LO

His skin wraps around his small frame so tightly

Missing the strong muscle and fat found on healthy little boys

Boys that get fed more than once a day

Boys that have organized sports to play

Boys that aren’t as susceptible to malaria and malnutrition

Hepatitis and hopelessness

But you will also hear songs arise from that lonely country

You will hear songs that sing of a God who has come to them

Come to set them free from their captivity

And you’ll speak with people who believe there is good news for the poor

And you’ll meet missionaries that will make you weep with joy at the power of their witness and faith

And all this might change the way you live

It might even show you a bit more of our global God that is moving beyond our borders

It most certainly will move you to praise the God who came to live among us

To take for himself both the learned and the illiterate

The rich and the poor

The white and the black

The you and the me

You have to see it for yourself

You have got to go to Africa


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