The Gardens is shutting down.  We have to all move out.

WE have to move out.  Not just them, but US. 

They are our neighbors and this has been our neighborhood too.

Landsman Gardens. 

We came here three years ago ready to transform it. 

The kids practically knocked down our door for those three years,

We never had to worry if they would show up.  They always did.

They showed up to get the help they needed with their homework.

They showed up to get a hug or a person to look at them lovingly in the eyes.

They showed up for Bible Study.  Week after week they learned about Jesus.

We never imagined the day when they wouldn’t show up anymore. 

That day has come and gone.  The Learning Center is no more. 

All that is once was fits within a ten by ten storage unit.

Waiting to be of use once again in a neighborhood of need.


That wait is officially over.

Just a stone throw from Landsman sits a little known apartment complex.

It is little known outside of this block at least.

The residents within know it as “The Plazas.” 

It’s known as BAD neighborhood.

On the scale of one being Malibu and Ten being Compton…

This is about an eight.

Serious drug use, assault and batteries, full blown gang warfare. 

It also has quite a few families who want their kids to make it.

They want their kids to get an education and grow a moral backbone.

They might want some of that stuff that sits in our storage unit.


This week Club Christ moved into 730 Center Street, Apartment 1A.

It is a lot smaller than the place we used to have. 

Just a two bedroom unit that looks pretty plain from the outside.

But the inside is where we will set up shop and settle in. 

We are anxious to see what kids God will bring our way.

Who are we?

All the people who give money each month,

All the churches that lift us up in prayer,

All the board members who oversee the work,

All the volunteers who give their time to the vision,

All the staff who have given their lives for the call.

You and me.

We want God to show up there. 

And shine a little light.

In a dark place.

God, please use 730 Center Street for your glory.

Fill it with your people, your resources, your word.

Club Christ is moving in!