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You reconstruct me.

From the ground up.

Starting with my memories

You build on them from your treasuries.

Sometimes it’s loud as a jackhammer

And I just want to turn life off

But after you’re done chiseling

You pour a fresh foundation

Filled with truth, hope and love.

Sometimes you hand me the hammer,

And ask me to hang a picture frame.

Only to fill it with smiling faces,

friends, family, fun-filled moments in time.

And then you tell me to sit because

I’ve become too busy.

And I notice your handiwork again.

The fresh coat of forgiveness to cover my sin,

the lamp to light my way,

the doors that open up to a broken community being made whole by you.

Now I want you to build something new,

a marriage.

Lord, take Vanessa and I

and begin remodeling us again in the image of your son Jesus.

Take our name and make it a masterpiece.


H oliness

A ttentiveness to God’s activity

R eceptiveness to the Holy Spirit

T rusting in Christ and each other

S acraficially loving

E xcitement about life

L eaders in the community

L aughing 🙂


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