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1955 A.D.




All this an abomination

Declared guilty, condemnation.

They turned a blind eye.

They didn’t ask, “Why?”

God’s people: Preoccupied.

Singing songs of grace that rights our wrong

But silent for way too long.

Right outside their doors,

Injustice that the world ignores.

Status quo: the pimp

The white church: his *******.

Sleeping with the ones that held the guns,

That held the funds,

That held them down,

Without a sound.

One, two, three, four hundred years black people were in slavery.

Then in the 20th century the black church said, “This cannot be!”

A trumpet sounded,

Light pierced a people clouded.

The church finally shouted, “Freedom!”

When that happened the walls fell.

The anchor rose and they set sail.

Towards justice, righteousness and peace.

They caused the tight grip of Satan to release.

They said separate but equal cannot be,

Our God demands racial equality.

When all this occurred,

It wasn’t the white church that was heard.

What a missed opportunity,

A sad note in our history.


Lord make me one of your freedom fighters.

I want to be part of the story that kids mark up with highlighters.

Make me like my King,

So that I too can shout:

“Let freedom ring!”


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