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“I’m pregnant.”

That moment should produce shouts of joy but this was different.

16 years old. Alone.

Who is the Dad?

That older man who took what he wanted.

He now says the seed that made that baby isn’t his.

But it is.

She wasn’t with another guy.

She was with that man that made her feel like a woman.

No her father didn’t take her out, look her in the eye and say,

“You are beautiful. You deserve the best.”

Giving her the grounds to protect herself,

the self confidence to look beyond this guys facade.

To see that he is a little boy who never learned how to control himself.

Preying on little girls.

He knows he shouldn’t,

but he does.

He did.

Now he moves on,

and here is this girl:

left crying here in the street,

hurt, confused, and with nobody in her corner.

Another statistic.

But she’s different.

I know her name. I see her innocence.

I’ve watched her grow up.

She is not a girl anymore, but she sure ain’t a woman.

Now she knows reality always follows fantasy.

Responsibility always finds a way to grab hold of the careless.

But what a tragic way to bring a child into this world.

What a story he is being born into.

Brokenness. A complete mess.

But God, let him live!

Tragically, she does now have a choice.

And the laws of our land will let her kill this child.



Still, let him live!

Let him have a chance to live life differently.

Centered on you Lord.

In freedom, knowing love.

Experiencing joy.

With a chance to be the chain in the link that break free and starts anew.

Someone that can see the world differently.

That can make a mark.

One that shows that redemption is real.

To this boy, to the world, and to this new Mom.

Redemption is real.


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