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I was just in ten years old when you came into my life.
You were the loner of the group, just like me.
I recall not knowing how to take care of you.
One day I wondered if you were cold so I placed a dish towel on your back while you slept.
You really liked to sleep.
I loved it when you would curl up close to me.
I hated to move because you seemed so peaceful.
Your little nose nestled in between your light brown ears.
But it isn’t just those quiet times that I remember.

You had a wild streak in you too.
You could find just the slightest crack to slip through as we opened the front door,
and woosh, you would be gone.
Sometimes I tried to chase you down.
Other times, you were so far away that I had to get in my car to find you.
And you loved to dig, but not in the planters.
No, you would jump up on the bed
and at a moments notice start pawing away at any random spot you found.
I loved watching you play and have fun.
You would even try to dig me out from under the covers when you thought I was trapped.

What a loyal do you were.
You always cared.
Even when life moved on and I moved away from home,
you would be waiting to greet me with your little tail wagging away.
But you especialy liked me when I had a “cookie” for you. 🙂
Though I know it wasn’t just because we let you out when you scratched,
filled your bowl when you were hungry,
or rubbed behind your ears when you were lonely.

It’s because you were family.
Part of the Hartsell history books.
For 17 years you lived with us and loved us.
Well, thank you for being a good dog.
The best dog I have ever known.
My companion through all these years.
Tootsie we love you and we will miss you.
Rest in peace and go with God.


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