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God, I want these things to flow… the leadership that leads, the management that inspires, the responsibility that gets the job done, the heart that isn’t divided, the vision to see change realized, the perseverance to continue when it’s hard, all the right things at the right time in the right way for the right reasons.

God, I know what I need to be doing… so often I fall short.  The organization is still going forward… but it is hurting b/c of my laziness, my lack, my failure…  Jesus, what is it that needs to change, how can I sustain that change, what needs to happen next?  Here I am again, facing the reality, not wanting to slip back into the ordinary, the familiar, the stagnant… Lord, push me forward, onward, straight ahead to the destination prepared for me… Let my mind be focused, my heart set free, my will crushed, my soul prepared, my body made ready, my work made holy… Awaken me God to what is right there in front of me, the things that I cannot see, the future that is beyond my reach… For here I am Lord, waiting for the world to change, while watching myself repeat the same mistakes over and over… Please Jesus, propel me, break me, shape me and set me on fire for the things that please you Lord… You are my success, you are my victory, you are the thing that I need… all glory and honor be unto you sweet Jesus forever and ever and ever.


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