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I spoke with a drug dealer yesterday.

And I wasn’t looking for a fix this time.

Nah, my puff, puff, pass days are through.

But here was this dark car with its window down,

With a man in the drivers seat leaning out like the candy man,

Offering Loritabs to all the neighborhood teens.

But these were teens were not just some hoodrats,

They were my teens from Club Christ,

And this was my turf he was on.

So with their curious eyes watching,

I approached the man in the dark car and peered through his open window to introduce myself.

“You a cop?”

“Nah man, I’m a youth worker.”

And I proceeded to say that the only thing I want these kids taking in is Jesus.

“Well” he said, “I believe in Jesus, but I still smoke a little weed.”

So I told my story to his surprisingly eager ears,

He even put his car in park and turned off the engine!

But as I spoke with him, it was plain to see that he just wanted to justify himself.

Like he could be some kind of Christian drug dealer or something.

His best defense came to be that he must provide for his family.

I said, “Man, if you seek his kingdom first, all these things will be added to you.”

But see his perspective of God was way different than mine.

One hates even the hint of sin,

The other states that the ends justify the means.

“Well, if Jesus had a family to feed and all he had was a dime sack, he would do what he got to do.”

Sadly, he was serious when he said that,

But I had to clarify that Jesus wouldn’t be having no dime sack.

By this point I knew my time with this dude had reached its conclusion.

He said, “I’m out” and drove away,

Leaving his customers behind,

still sitting on the electric box in front of Club Christ.

Those teens got to witness something stranger than fiction that night.

One dude dealing death,

The other offering hope.

One looking to poison,

The other protect.

Wow, I spoke with a drug dealer yesterday.


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