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(I wrote this in response to a recent conversation I had with a mother of some students I teach at Club Christ)

Wow Lord, there I was, the opportunity came.

To sow love, to change a mind, to right a wrong.

And she actually asked me to define the difference between self-defense and revenge!

Between a reaction and a deliberate action.

I hope she heard Lord, I hope she sees.

I hope she isn’t just hearing this from me.

Speak to her please, Prince of Peace.

Free her to love like you do.

That love that transcends common sense, that is divine in origin and radical in action.

No, no, no, she said, NO! They should NOT turn the other check.

But will she hear what you say?

Yes, please protect yourself but promote peace as well.

Where is the forgiveness when all one can taste is blood?

Where is reconciliation when all one feels is hate?

I know the answer but how I long for her to know it too, to own it, and teach it to her children.

But even if she refuses to bow and submit to your will, your ways, I will speak Lord.

I will speak not from political correctness, not from my middle classness, not because of my meekness, but because of the cross.

Because of the beatings, the bruises, the barrage of violence you endured.

You did not raise a fist or cause a fuss.

You practiced what you preached and said, “Father forgive them.”

So I do the same.

Please forgive her Lord, for she knows not what she is doing.


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