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It’s hard,

It’s hard,

When you don’t know what to do.

It’s great,

It’s great,

When I can place my trust in you.

Today I just don’t know what is next.

And I don’t know what to expect.

But I do know my God is near.

A new look,

Urban renewal,

They want to clean up the neighborhood.

What do I see when I look?

Families disappointed,

Homes displaced,

The poor replaced.

So many kids will move away,

And many more will move in,

But it doesn’t seem right.

The faces coming down the slide will change,

The apartments won’t ever look the same,

The kids I know so well will all be gone.

I mean this is the community I’ve grown to love,

Though broke down and dilapidated,

It has a certain charm to it.

God, our kids prayed for grass to come.

And it will.

But our kids won’t be there to play in it.

I just don’t get it.


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