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Here’s me,

Always doing, doing, doing.

Always consuming but never reviewing who I am,

What I’ve done,

Who I’ve become.

Stuck to this arm chair,

Like a rock on the bottom of the sea

Is me most days.

Wasting hours of my life,

Sitting numbly click, click, clicking away,

My flesh at play day after day…

When will I tire of the monotony?

The debauchery,

The mediocrity,

And wake up to a minute to minute obedience

That flows out of a spirit connected to the source of life,

Life to the fullest.

Where the seconds are redeemed

And my actions are purposely pointed at Christ.

His glory,

His grace,

His greatness.

My weakness crumbling away to reveal the power of Christ in me…

Lord, I’m so empty and ashamed of my listless efforts,

My prayerless endeavors,

My meaningless mess.

How can you bare one more second of it?

Watching as I refuse to submit

As I continue to forget and forget

And forget you.

You in all your manifest glory,

Your creation,

Your story,

And all that is holy.

Yes, you are so deserving of all I claim is mine…

So rejoice!

Oh my soul, rejoice!

I need not despair.

My Savior is here to bind up my broken heart,

To seal up my leaking spirit,

To set me free from my failing flesh…

Finally I release it all to you Lord.

Here’s me,

Surrendering completely.


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